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When we talk about poodle, we are actually talking about one of the oldest breeds, which appeared thirty years before Christ on the Greek coins and in the interior of the Roman tombs, but the first written document about the existence of this breed dates back to the 15th century. As the homeland of origin and development of this breed today is recognized Germany, France and Russia, although the dogs in these countries differed in hair and the constitution, and each of these countries trying to develop this breed with a particular purpose. So poodles from the Russia reminded with their constitution at-large Greyhound, poodles from the area of Germany differed with two types of the hair-curly and twisted, and France gives certainly the highest contribution to the development and establishment of this breed, so nowdays we mention as a country of origin. Poodles had a special place in life of French people – in palaces, in civil homes and on the battlefield. Name poodle actually comes from the German word PUDEL = spat into the water, as was originally used as a retriever, a dog who brought prey from the water.


Poodle is a dog which is characterized by versatility. In a history he was used as a hunting dog, a dog that we met in the circus, pulling dog, dog-therapeutic which was working with the disabled, dog very successful in agylity –we can say a dog for everyone.
They are characterized by an elegant appearance, strength, durability, exceptional intelligence, quick ability to learn, natural curiosity and willingness to satisfy people. Anyone who has experience with poodle can confirm that the pudla excellent watchdog, that they are very hearted and loud when you need “to defend “your home and property. Poodles are dogs that require a lot of activities, whether it is a long walk or passing the ball. If there are still short excersises and tasks your poodle will satisfy his desire to learn and master new tasks, which is very important for their mental health and stability. Smaller representatives of this breed are energetic and active, while the medium and large poodle are less temper. Poodle is a dog who is very adaptable to other dogs and breeds and also to other animals, but he could not live without human society. Poodle is a dog who often collaborates with children, but by no means a replacement for toys so he is not suitable for younger children.
What we consider to be a big advantage of this breed certainly is his hair, which is not wasted, his skin that has no distinctive odor, and many options in the selection of their hairstyles. But it is all the result of time investment which will ease off for the care of the regularly hair-brushes, bath and a haircut.
It is very important that his hair is always viable and without knots because except for the aesthetic purposes it has a protective role during the summer and winter. These dogs are very tolerant of the water, so that the bath is necessary at least once a month even more often for dogs that attend exhibitions. All those theories about baths twice comes from the people who do not understand this breed and therefore we suggest to advice to look at breeder and people who have good knowledge of this breed.


Poodles come in four sizes:
Toy up to 28 cm
Dwarf poodle from 28-35 cm
Medium size from 35-45 cm
Standard or king from 45-60 cm


Recognized colors are: white, black, apricot, brown, red and silver.

STANDARD No. 172-Caniche

Country of origin: France
Purpose: A dog for company
Classification FCI: Group 9, dogs for company and accompanying Section 2-poodle

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