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For some long period of time idea of having and offer a toy poodle whiting our kennel was growing up. Bearing this in mind we were gone looking for toy, and our search didn’t last long. “Siberian” conquered us on first site. Dispute the long way what she hás to travel to come to our home, Zara confirm the fact that poodles are very adjustable breed, and her character confirm the sayings that precious things are always small. We cannot wait to present her for the first time at dog show.

Zara pedigree

Zara pictures

Zara PRA-eyes

Zara PATELE-feet


27.8.2011. CAC Samobor i Sv. Nedelja (HR) judge: Stelios Makaritis (GR)- Very perspective

18.11.2011. Club Championship for Poodles-Zagreb judge::Jean Francois Van Aken- excelent,PRM

14.01.2012. CACIB Ljubljana judge: Marion Finney (IE): excellent 1, PRM

14.01. 2012. Ljubljana Special club show for toy breeds and Poodles judge: Zlatko Kraljić (HR): excellent 1, PRM, JBOB, Junior
club winner

15.01.2012. CACIB Ljubljana judge: Timothy Finney (IE) : excellent 1, PRM, JBOB

Ch. J SLO!!!

03.3.2012. CACIB Zagreb,judge: Kari Jarvinen (FIN):excellent 1, PRM, JBOB

04.3.2012. CACIB Zagreb judge:Jolanda Nagler Magal (ISR): Iexcellent 1, PRM, JBOB


25.3.2012. CAC Rijeka, judge: Nikola Smolić (HR) excellent, PRM, JBOB

26.5.2012. CACIB Varaždin, judge: Ivana Bakal (HR) excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB

27.5.2012. CAC Hrušica, judge : Janez Plestenjak (SLO),excellent, CAC, BOB

02.6. 2012.CAC Novi Marof: judge:Maja Korošec (SLO): excellent, CAC, BOB

03.6.2012. CAC Velika Gorica:  judge:Gyula Sarkozy (H): excellent, CAC, BOB

09.6.2012. CACIB Umag, judge: Nataša Blanuša (HR) :excellent, CAC, r. CACIB

10.6.2012. CACIB Umag , judge: Lisbeth Mach (CH) : excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Ch.HRV !!!

01.7. 2012. CACIB Lendava, judge :Janez Plestenjak (SLO) – excellent,CAC, CACIB, BOB

14.7. 2012 CAC Sremski Karlovci, judge Dusan Paunovic: excellent, CAC, BOB
BOG I-Judge: Srecko Kukic, BIS-II Judge: Dr. Mahmoud Al Dagistanli

15.7.2012. CACIB Irig , judge: Sinisa Sančanin: excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB
BOG III-Judge: Srecko Kukic

Ch. Serbija!!!

26.8.2012. CAC Trbovlje, judge: Uschi Eisner-exellent, CAC

22.9.2012. CACIB Maribor, judge: Hans Boelaars (NL)-excellent, CAC, r.CACIB

23.9.2012. CACIB Pohorje, judge:Veli-Pekka Kumpumaki (FIN)- excellent, CAC, r. CACIB

03.3.2013. CACIB Graz, judge : Dr. Schemel Andreaus (A)-excellent , CAC

02.6.2013. CACIB Klagenfurt, judge: Heidecker Elfriede (A)- excellent , CAC, CACIB, BOS

16.6.2013. CACIB  Bled II, judge :Melita  Grošelj (SLO)- excellent , CAC

Ch. SLO !!!

14.7.2013. CACIB  Oberwart, judge:Bregenzer Brigitte (A)- excellent , CAC, r.CACIB

22.8.2013.   Ch. Inter  !!!  

09.3.2014. CACIB GRAZ, judge:Kostopoulos George (GR)- excellent, CAC

Ch. A !!!

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