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Prcd-PRA normal/clear, lux patells 0/0 , full set dentition

In order to have quality toy male, we got our “Korin” from to us dear Tuscany.
His temper and playfulness really made great atmosphere at home.
He has great pigmentation, correct body, playful, alwysa in a great mood and cuddly – this is our “Kokolo” as we call him at home!


Korin pedigree

Korin pictures

Korin  PRA-prcd

Korin eyes

Korin patelle-feet

The results achieved:

08.6.2013. CACIB  Umag, judge:Rafael De Santiago (PR)-excellent, Junior winner , JBOB

30.6.2013. CAC Koprivnica, judge:Matejčić Jasna (HR)- excellent, Junior winner, JBOB, BOB

21.9.2013. CAC Karlovac, judge: Željka Fon Zidar-excellent, Junior winner, JBOB, BOB

Ch. MHR!!!

15.02.2014. CACIB Rijeka, judge: Stephen Wheeler (S)- excellent, CAC, r.CACIB

16.02.2014. CACIB Rijeka, judge: Andrzej Kazmierski (PL)-excellent, CAC, r. CACIB

22.02.2014. CACIB Celje, judge: Brigitte Bregenzer-excellent, CAC, r.CACIC

26.4.2014. CAC Banja Luka ,judge: Tatjana Urek(SLO)-excellent,CAC, BOB

26.4.2014. Special show for IX FCI group, judge:Dušan Paunović (SRB)- excellent,CAC, BOB

27.4.2014. CACIB Banja Luka , judge: Srećko Kukić (HR)- excellent,CAC, CACIB

Ch. Republic Serbia !!!

24.5.2014. CACIB Varaždin, judge:Cathy Delmar (IRL)- excellent, CAC, CACIB

25.5.2014. CACIB Varaždin, judge: Zdenka Jilkova (CZ)- excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Ch. HR !!!

14.6.2014. CACIB Klagenfurt , judge: Strack Klaus (D) -excellent, CAC, r.CACIB

21.6.2014. CACIB Bled ,judge: Metoda Mikuž (SLO)-excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB

13.7.2014. CACIB Oberwart, judge: Deutscher Erwin (A)-excellent, CAC

Sarajevo Winner 2014,18.7.2014. – IX FCI group club show, judge: Paul Stanton-excellent, CAC, BOB

19.7.2014. CACIB Sarajevo, judge: Tatjana Urek (SLO)-excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB

20.7.2014. CACIB Sarajevo, judge: Evgenij Erusalimskij-excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Ch. Federation BiH !!!

Ch. BiH !!!

20.9.2014. CAC Kač, judge: Borivoje Joksimović (SRB)-excellent,CAC, BOB

21.9.2014. CACIB Požarevac, judge: Marija Radovanović Munćan (SRB)-excellent,CAC, CACIB, BOB

Ch. SRB !!!

08.3.2015. CACIB GRAZ,judge: Rajić Branislav-excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS

05.4.2015. CAC BARJE ,judge:Željka Fon Zidar- excellent, CAC, BOB, BOS

18.4.2015. CACIB Maribor, judge : Tatjana Urek – excellent, r.CAC , r. CACIB

03.5.2015.CACIB Stara Pazova,judge: Sinisa Sancanin -excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB

 Ch. INTER !!!!!

20.6.2015. CACIB BLED I  ,judge:Dubravka Reicher-excellent,CAC, r. CACIB

21.6.2015. CACIB  BLED II  , judge:Zola Oleinikova-excellent,CAC

Ch. SLO !!!

27.9.2015.CACIB Tulln, judge: Dr.Jakkel Tamas-excellent, CAC

Ch.A !!!

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