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 Ch. SLO / Ch.SRB / Ch. BiH / Ch. HR

Prcd-PRA normal /Clear, lux patells 0/0 / full set dentition / Full Genetics Tests

Due to the efforts to have healthy and genetically diverse puppies in our breeding, we strive to improve the breed, we brought a new male, 14 months old, born on October 23th 2020 in Kiev, Ukraine. Jastin quickly fit into our pack, has a good character and gives great results at exhibitions. Like all our dogs, he has ophthalmological, orthopedic and genetic tests.



Jastin gallery
Jastin pedigree
Jastin eyes test
Jastin patelle feet

Results achieved:

26.02.2022. Sarajevo Winter-CAC I , judge: Rafael Malo Alerudo : CAC, BOB
26.02.2022. Specialty IX group, judge : Edwin Lenaerts : CAC, BOB
26.02.2022. Sarajevo Winter CACIB I , judge: Olga Šinko Kupriyanova : CAC, CACIB, BOB
27.02.2022. Sarajvo Winter CAC II , judge: Denis Kuzelj : CAC, BOB
27.02.2022. Sarajevo Winter CACIB II ,judge : Petru Muntean : CAC, CACIB,BOB
Ch. BIH !!!

18.3.2022. CAC Kras , judge: Denis Kuzelj : CAC,BOS
19.3.2022. CACIB miren-Kostanjevica , judge: Dušan Belčević : CAC, CACIB
20.3.2022. CACIB Šempeter-Vrtojba ,judge: Suzana Šimon : CAC, r.CACIB
Ch. SLO !!!

26.3.2022. CACIB Mačva Bogatić , judge: Goran Dojchinoski : CAC, CACIB
27.3.2022. CAC Sremska Mitrovica , judge: Perić Stevan : CAC
Ch. SRB !!!

14.5.2022. CACIB Varaždin, judge: Novak Barbka: CAC, r CACIB
11.6.2022. CAC Samobor, judge : Igor Selimović: CAC, BOS
12.6.2022. CAC Zagreb, judge : Špoljarić Boris: CAC
26.11.2022. CACIB Zagreb, judge : Robert Stepančić: CAC
Ch. HR !!!

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