Milenium United Color’s Poodle- “Borej”


When our “Abra” passed away, I was always looking with sadness and desire at standard (king) poodles, and I was not sure if I will ever have a strength to have another one despite the big desire. But I could not resist and in our home came white standard (king)”Borej” littered at 12.09.2010. His got his name upon the Greek god of wind, son of Zora and Titan and it was capable for big destructions. His character also confirm all what is standard for the breed. When he grows up we are going to present him at dog shows.

Borej pedigree

Borej pictures


27.8.2011. CAC Samobor i Sv. Nedjelja (HR) judge: Stelios Makaritis (GR): excellent, PRM,JBOB, BOB,Ch. MHR

18.11.2011. Club Championship for Poodles-Zagreb judge:Jean Francois Van Aken-excelent, PRM, Club Winner,Ch. MHR

19.11.2011.CACIB Zagreb judge:Valerio Nataletti-excelent, PRM,Ch. MHR

20.11.2011. CACIB Zagreb judge: Janusz Opara-excelent, PRM, JBOB, Zagreb Junior Winner.Ch. MHR

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