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Freyja goddess of fertility in German mithology was a daughter of Nordic god of the sea. When she was crying she produced temporary valuables and when her tears would fall on the stone they became gold and when they would fall in water they became amber. She was keeper of magic apples of youth.

My princess Freyja united colors poodle (CH-HR, CH-SLO, CH-A, CH-SRB) white dwarf poodle, height 33 cm, was born 02.11.06. and I brought her in our home 21.12.06. so that she can spend Christmas and New Year holidays with us. It was not love at first site but she follows me today as my shadow always searching for attention – of course she is spoiled but on exhibitions she is marvelous aware of her beauty and quality presenting herself.

Freye pictures

Freya pedigree




Untill now she achieved folowing results:

08.6.2007. Euro dog show (CRO) – judge Srećko Kukić – very perspective

18.5.2008. Novi Marof (CRO) – judge Velibor Ježek – CAC

24.5.2008. Varaždin(CRO) – judge Zlatko Kraljić – CAC i rezerve CACIB

25.5.2008. Varaždin (CRO) – judge Dubravka Reicher – CAC i rezerve CACIB

01.6.2008. Velika Gorica(CRO) – judge Ivana Bakal – CAC i BOB

14.6.2008. Portorož (SLO) – judge Tatjana Urek – CAC, CACIB

30.8.2008. Zasavje (SLO) – judge Nemanja Jovanović – CAC

31.8.2008. Trbovlje(SLO) – judge Tino Pehar – CAC

24.5.2009. Varaždin (HR) judge – Nataša Blanuša – CAC i CACIB,

Ch. HR

29.8.2009. CAC Samobor(HR) judge : Sylvie Desserne(F)-odlican i R.CAC

26.9.2009. CACIB Celje (SLO) judge : Seamus Oates-odlican CAC SLO


12.6.2010.CACIB Klagenfurt (A) judge : Watschinger Heinz-excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB

13.6.2010.CACIB Klagenfurt (A) judge : Ehold Ingrid-excellent, CAC, CACIB

11.6.2011. CAC Sremska Mitrovica (SRB) sudac: Štefica Lazić-excellent, CAC

12.6.2011. CACIB Šabac(SRB) judge : Nenad Marić-excellent, CAC, r.CACI


18.6.2011. CACIB Klagenfurt (A) judge : Dušan Paunović-excellent, CAC, r.CACIB

19.6.2011. CACIB Klagenfurt (A) judge : Ahrens Hana-excellent, CAC, r.CACIB

Ch. A

17.8.2011. Ch. Int. !!!

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