Marvel Powder Puff-”Tyr”

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Prcd-PRA normal/clear, lux patells 0/0 , full set dentition

Is a white white dwarf poodle puped 20th October 2008 and his „real“ name is MARVEL POWDER PUFF.
He was named after German God of the war , he was the son of Odin and his wife Frigg. Tyr means justified. His height is 32 cm.
He became part of our family on 2nd of January 2009 when we brought him from his first home in Temerin near Novi Sad. At home he was welcomed by Gerda, Freya and my puppies Angles. He fit very fast in our family. He is the one and only male at the moment. He delights us with his caracter. He is very stable, cunning, intelligent, obedient, playful and loyal. On my daughter¨s Leah 17th birthday, Tyr was less than 6 months old, he has aready got exhibition title. The first exhibition and the first cup!

Tyr pictures

Tyr pedigree

PRCD test



Results achieved:

18.4.2009. Rovinj (HR) judge Sanda Kekez Veselica – very perspective and 3rd BEST BABY

10.5.2009. Umag (HR) judge Tino cup – very perspective

24.5.2009. Varaždin (HR) judge Natasha Blanusa – very perspective and the BEST BABY

29.8.2009. CAC Samobor(HR) judge: Sylvie Desserne(F)- excellent and Championof the junior class – Best junior

26.9.2009. CACIB Celje (SLO) judge: Seamus Oates – excellent, Junior winner

11.10.2009. World exhibition in Bratislavi, judge: Lisbeth Mach (SWI)-excellent, CAJC and candidate for Slovakian Junior winner

08.11.2009. CACIB Vrtojba (SLO) judge:Petru Mantean (ROM) – excellent, PRM and JBOB

21.11.2009. CACIB Zagreb (HR) judge: Goran Bodegard (S) – excellent, PRM and JBOB

22.11.2009.CACIB Zagreb (HR) judge: Renee Sporre-Willes (S) – excellent, PRM and JBOB


22.11.2010.TYR has fulfilled the conditions for Croatia Junior Champion – CH MHR

17.01.2010. CACIB Ljubljana(SLO) judge :Elsbeth Clerc – excellent, PRM andBOB
With this succes Tyr has become Junior Champion of Slovenia – CH MSLO


21.02.2010. CAC Celje (SLO) judge:Alenka Pokorn-excellent,CAC SLO and BOB

07.3.2010.CACIB GRAZ (AUS) judge:Dr.Kronik Gertraude-excellent,CAC, CACIB and BOB, Ch. Int. !!!

12.6.2010.CACIB Klagenfurt (A) judge: Watschinger Heinz-excellent,CAC, CACIB

13.6.2010.CACIB Klagenfurt (A) judge:Ehold Ingrid-excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB

19.6.2010.CACIB Varaždin (HR) judge: Vibor Ježek-excellent, CAC, r.CACIB

04.9.2010. CAC Pula (HR) judge: Peter Green (USA)-excellent, CAC

Ch. HR

03.11.2010. European Dog Show Celje (SLO) judge: Anatoli Zhuk-excellent, CAC

17.4.2011. CAC Barje ( SLO) judge: Olga Šinko Kupriyanova- EXCELLENT, CAC, BOB


11.6.2011. CAC Sremska Mitrovica (SRB) sudac/judge: Štefica Lazić-excellent, CAC, BOB, BOG II

12.6.2011. CACIB Šabac (SRB) sudac/judge: Nenad Marić-excellent, CAC, CACIB


18.6.2011. CACIB Klagenfurt (A) judge:Dušan Paunović-excellent, CAC, r.CACIB

19.6.2011. CACIB Klagenfurt (A) judge:Ahrens Hana-excellent , CAC

Ch. A


25.02.2017. CACIB Rijeka  ; judge: Ana Mesto Martin (ES)–PRVeteran

26.02.2017. CACIB Rijeka ; judge: Diane Burvee (USA)–  PRVeteran

25.6.2017. CAC Opatija  ; judge: Elena Kryukova (RU)–PRVeteran, BEST VETERAN


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