Our new white dwarf poodle Tayra is a result of long-time selective breeding and the crown of that selection so far is considered by health, character, temeperament, constitution, pigmentation, beauty… all prescribed by standards! She’s a daughter of Moretto Fiumano Nora and our “Tyr”- Marvel Powder Puff. We’re looking foward to her sucesses and trying to breed the best and the healthiest poodles possible!


Moretto Fiumano Tayra gallery

Moretto Fiumano Tayra pedigree

Moretto Fiumano Tayra eyes test

Moretto Fiumano Tayra-Petelle feet

Results achieved:

18.01.2020.CACIB Slovenia Winner I Judge: Tatjana Urek ; PRM, JBOB

19.01.2020. CACIB Slovenia Winner I Judge: Lisbeth Mach ;PRM, JBOB

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