red, fawn

Ch.MHR / Ch.JBiH / Ch.JSRB / Ch.JSLO

When we bought red, fawn female we decided to buy a male. “Eros” is wonderful! His character and temperament are extremely stabile, and again characteristically for a poodle: playful, curious, intelligent. She was born on 1st October 2018. We’re looking forward to new generation of red, fawn puppies and poodles in our kennel.


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Rsults achieved:

17.8.2019. Special dog show Skrad, judge: Damir Skok ; PRM
18.8.2019.  Special dog show Fužine, judge: Lidija Okleščen ; PRM
01.9. 2019. CAC Trophy Velika Gorica
judge: Ivana Bakal; PRM, JBOB, BOB

Ch.MHR !!!

07.9.2019. CAC Gradiška,  judge: Tatjana Urek; J. CAC, J. BOB, BOB
07.9.2019.  Special dog show IX FCI, judge: Željko Gajić ; J. CAC
08.9.2019. CACIB 2 Gradiška,  judge: Gerard Jipping; J. CAC, BOB

Ch. JBiH !!!

12.10.2019. CAC Ćuprija,  judge: Jane Serafimov; PRM, JBOB

12.10.2019. Ćuprija, Special dog show IX FCI, judge: Duško Piljević; PRM

Ch.JSRB !!!

18.10.2019. CACIB Slovenian Derby Winner Show I
judge: Maja Korošec; PRM
19.10.2019. CACIB Slovenian Derby Winner Show II,

judge: Tomasz Borkowski; PRM
20.10.2019. CACIB Slovenian Derby Winner Show III,

judge: Dušan Paunović; PRM

 Ch.JSLO !!!

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