Moretto Fiumano Hera

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Prcd-PRA normal/clear, lux patells 0/0 , full set dentition

Hera is the loving child of our Drita and she’s Tyr. She came into this world on 29/11/2013. and she’s she inherited from their parents the best. From mom Drita inherited from their parents the playful and she’s curious character, excellent pigmentation, and from dad Tyr sweetness and she’s affection. Hera is healthy poodle that meets all standards of the breed and she’s 30 cm high.


Moretto Fiumano Hera pedigree

Moretto Fiumano Hera pictures

Moretto  Fiumano Hera Eyes test

Moretto  Fiumano Hera- Petelle

Results achieved.

20.9.2014. CAC Kač, judge: Borivoje Joksimović (SRB)-excellent, PRM, JBOB

21.9.2014. CACIB Požarevac, judge: Marija Radovanović Munćan (SRB)-excellent, PRM, JBOB

Ch. MSRB !!!

21.11.2014. Zagreb-Club Championship for Poodles Zagreb judge:Dragana Bujisić Vasiljević -excellent,PRM, JBOB, BOS

08.02.2015. CACIB RIJEKA,judge:Christine Rossier -excellent, PRM, JBOB & BOB !!!

08.3.2015. CACIB Graz, judge: Rajić Branislav-excellent, CAC

05.4.2015. CAC BARJE ,judge:Željka Fon Zidar-excellent, CAC, BOB, BOS

12.4.2015. CAC ROVINJ, judge:Ivana Bakal-excellent, PRM, JBOB, BOB , BOG 2

 Ch. MHR !!!!

18.4.2015. CACIB  Maribor, judge : Tatjana Urek- excellent, CAC, r. CACIB

02.5.2015.CAC  Banovci ,judge: Dragana Vlahovic-excellent, CAC

03.5.2015.CACIB  Stara Pazova,judge: Sinisa Sancanin -excellent, CAC, r. CACIB

Ch. SRB !

09.5.2015. XIX CAC  Banja Luka-day,judge:Roknić Zoran -excellent, CAC, BOB, BOG 3

09.5.2015. XX CAC  Banja Luka – night,judge:Oleg Vasiliev-excellent,CAC

10.5.2015. V CACIB   Banja Luka,judge : Nenad Davidović- excelllent,CAC, CACIB, BOB

Ch. Republic of Serbia!!!
Ch. BIH !!!

16.5.2015. CACIB Varaždin,judge:Jadranka Mijatović-excellent, CAC, CACIB

17.5.2015. CACIB Varaždin,judge: Goran Bodegard-excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS

30.5.2015. CACIB  UMAG, judge:Viva Maria Soleczky Szpunar-excellent, CAC, CACIB

31.5.2015. CACIB UMAG, judge: Srećko  Kukić-excellent, CAC, CACIB

Ch. HR !!!

07.6.2015. CACIB Klagenfurt 2015. judge: Bregenzer Brigitte:excellent, CAC

20.6.2015. CACIB BLED I  ,judge:Dubravka Reicher-excellent,CAC, r. CACIB

21.6.2015. CACIB  BLED II  , judge:Zola Oleinikova-excellent,CAC, CACIB, BOB

12.7.2015. CACIB Oberwart,judge:Shane Thomas -excellent, CAC, r.CACIB

15.5.2016. CAC KOROŠKE,judge: Dubravka Reicher (HR)- CAC , BOS


18.6.2016. CACIB Klagenfurt,judge: Summer Kurt- CAC, CACIB, BOS

Ch. A !!!

Inter Ch !!!

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