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Prcd-PRA normal /Clear, lux patells 0/0 , puna denticija

“Raph” is the first dog in our kennel that is purchased as an adult male 04.8.2016., and the reason it fully fits the breed standard, has excellent pigmentation, angles, wonderful walking, has a delightfully joyful character, it’s stable and my pack has immediately accepted it as such. Judges at exhibitions recognized him as an excellent one and it got great results as well.


Cherish Diamond Criss-Cross “Raph” Pedigree

Cherish Diamond Criss-Cross “Raph” Patelle feet

Cherish Diamond Criss-Cross “Raph” Eyes test

Cherish Diamond Criss-Cross “Raph” pictures

Results achieved:

01.12.2013. Ch. JSLO

27.02.2014. Ch.MHRV

20.01.2015. Ch. HR

07.11.2015. Ch. SLO

03.9.2016. CACIB Gradiška , judge:Mr Radovan Mazalica-CAC, CACIB, BOB

03.9.2016. CAC Gradiška, judge:Mr Gianfranco Bauchal- CAC, BOB

04.9.2016. CAC Gradiška, judge: Dr Milivoje Urošević- CAC, BOB

Ch. BIH !!!

Ch.Republic Serbia!

17.9.2016.Podgorica, Speciality IX , judge: Nataša Davidović- CAC, BOB

17.9.2016. CACIB Nikšić, judge: Sančanin Siniša- CAC, CACIB, BOB

18.9.2016. CACIB Podgorica, judge:Antonio Mračević-CAC, CACIB, BOB

Ch. Montenegro !!! 

24.9.2016. CAC Gornji Milanovac, judge:Aleksandar Pertović-CAC, BOB

Ch. SRB!!!

22.10.2016.CACIB SKOPLJE , judge: Sanja Vretenicic- CAC, CACIB,BOB

23.10.2016. CACIB SKOPLJE ,judge: Gabriel Stiebel- CAC,CACIB,BOB


25.02.2017. CACIB Rijeka  ; judge: Ana Mesto Martin (ES)–(champion class): CAC , rCACIB

26.02.2017. CACIB Rijeka ; judge: Diane Burvee (USA)–(champion class) : CAC , rCACIB

25.6.2017. CAC Opatija  ; judge: Elena Kryukova (RU)-CAC,BOB, BOG-judge:Marie Hogarty (IRL)-

Grand Ch.HRV!!!

 05.3.2017. CACIB Graz ; judge:Ernst Andrea (D)-CAC

 10.6.2017. CACIB Klagenfurt ; judge:Željko Gajić(SLO)-CAC

11.6.2017. CACIB Klagenfurt ;  judge: Shankov Kostadin (BG)- CAC , CACIB , BOB

03.5.2018. CACIB I Međugorje, judge: Ake Cronander- CAC, CACIB, BOB

09.6.2018. CACIB Klagenfurt, judge: Schrank Gabriela Waltraud Cherish Diamond Criss-Cross-CAC,R.CACIB

10.6.2018. CACIB KLAGENFURT, judge: Šinko Štefan  – CAC,r. CACIB

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