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Prcd-PRA normal /Clear, lux patells 0/0 / full set dentition

Our Moretto Fiumano Light Diva and our Cherish Diamond Criss-Cross “Raph” are the parents of these special females born on August 15.
It is 30 cm high and has outstanding pigmentation. She’s very playful and devilish like her father Raph and carefull and clever like her mother Drita, as all the poodles, of course.
All health tests – genetic, orthopedic and oftological – confirm its excellent health.
At the very beginning of her show career she has shown that she meets all breed standard requirements.
We are looking forward to a joint venture with this lovely groom.


Moretto Fiumano Nora slike

Moretto Fiumano Nora pedigree

Moretto Fiumano Nora Eyes test

Moretto Fiumano Nora – Petelle

Results achieved:

20.5.2017. CAC Samobor; judge: Andreou Konatantinos (CYP)- PRM, JBOB, BOB

21.5.2017. CAC Velika Gorica ; judge: Siret Lepasaar (EST)-PRM,JBOB,BOB

25.6.2017. CAC Opatija ; judge: Elena Kryukova (RU)- PRM, JBOB


03.6.2017. CAC Kosjerić ; judge: Miodrag Mile Nikic— PRM, JBOB, BOB

04.6.2017. CAC Surcin ; judge: Kosta Gligorievski- PRM,JBOB,BOB


Special dog show – 09.12.2017. Vrtojba; judge: Marco Marabotto–CAC , BOB

10.12.2017. CACIB Vrtojba; judge: Michael Leonard — CAC , CACIB, BOS!!

17.02.2018. CACIB Celje; judge:Olga Sinko Kupriyanova-CAC , r.CACIB

18.02.2018. CACIB Winter Winner Celje; judge: Martin Johansson-CAC , r.CACIB

24.02.2018. CACIB Rijeka; judge:Fred Peddie (CA)– CAC , r.CACIB

25.02.2018. CACIB Rijeka; judge: Otto Krcal (AT)– CAC, r.CACIB

04.3.2018. CACIB GRAZ; judge: Dupas Jean-Jacques(F)–CAC,r.CACIB

10.3.2018. CAC Banja Luka; judge:Beata Petkeviča- CAC, BOB, BOG 2

11.3.2018. CACIB Banja Luka; judge: Viktor Shiyan–CAC r.CACIB

28.4.2018. CAC Zmajevo, judge :Srđan Jakšić, – CAC, BOB, BOG 2

29.4.2018. CACIB Stara Pazova, judge: Igor Dokoza,-CAC, r.CACIB


03.5.2018. CAC Međugorje, judge: Colette Muldoon, -CAC, BOB

03.5.2018. CACIB I Međugorje, judge: Ake Cronander, – CAC, CACIB, BOS

04.5.2018. CACIB II Međugorje, judge:Saša Kitanović,- CAC, CACIB, BOB

Ch. BIH!!!

02.6.2018. CACIB Umag, judge: Ljiljekvist Borg Eva (SE)- CAC, CACIB, BOS

03.6.2018. CACIB Umag, judge: Šinko Štefan (SI)- CAC, CACIB, BOB

 Ch. HRV!!!

09.6.2018. CACIB Klagenfurt, judge: Schrank Gabriela Waltraud – CAC,CACIB,BOB

10.6.2018. CACIB KLAGENFURT, judge: Šinko Štefan – CAC

19.01.2019. CACIB Slovenia Winner ,judge: Igor Vyguzov- CAC,r.CACIB

20.01.2019. CACIB Slovenia Winner , judge:Jose Homen de Mello- CAC,r.CACIB
Ch.SLO !!!
02.6.2019. CACIB Novi Grad, BIH, judge:Miodrag Vreteničić – CAC CACIB, BOB, BOG 2


14.7.2019. IHA OBWART,judge:Gajic Zeljko- CAC, r.CACIB
CH. A!!! 
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